Thursday, January 10, 2008

Opération Brioche

What is brioche you might ask? Well, it is this wonderfully delicious, slightly sweet, soft, light yeast bread, formed into 6-8 rolls gathered to make a circle. It is great for breakfast, but some of us have been known to eat brioche morning, noon and night until our supply runs out!

Now that you know what brioche is, I bet you are really wondering how one could make an "operation" i.e. a campaign not unlike a military manoevre, out of a bunch of rolls. Well, that was what I wondered back in October, when I learned that the Président de l'Association des Parents des Élèves de l'École Jean Moulin had decided that I would be the one to "deploy" the brioche, the one responsible for the success of the Association's mission, because he and his family were going to the mountains during Opération Brioche! Should we all run for the hills I wondered?

(~more to come~)

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