Monday, January 14, 2008

Notre Voisin Italien

I'd like to introduce you to our Italian neighbor, Armando Perrone. He has lived in our village for more than twenty years and serves as a trusted guardian of most vacation homes in the area. Should you arrive in St. Roman without a place to stay, he is the man to see, as he carries the keys and can match you with an available house that fits your needs.

In addition to being a great superintendent and manager for the owners of our home, Armando also serves as general contractor for new construction under way at the southwest end of the village.

(More about Armado in the months ahead, so please come back soon!)


sandraaj said...

Thanks for your 'blog' .Kristin E's articles are great for seeing new word's. I'm a beginnner learning French, as a MATURE student. Fell in love with Rousillon in 2006, when my tutor says I'll be understood in polite conversation I'll be on a plane to try out...Good luck with your writing and your dream.

Evelyn said...

I'm anxiously awaiting Jan. 21st and your next entries! I also have a blog( and I know how hard it is to keep up!Work and life keep getting in the way of writing.

Susan said...

I am bookmarking your blog! We make our first trip to France (Loire Valley) in April. SO excited. Thank you for sharing your adventure!