Monday, January 7, 2008

Notre Petite Voiture Rouge

Just look at this little red car. Can you believe it is being driven by an American lawyer who used to drive a fully-loaded luxury Lexus SUV? No leather seats in this little car and no automatic DVD changer....actually no DVD player at all and the radio only works occasionally! But, it is paid-for and it runs. This car reminds me of the first car I bought in Boston. It was an ancient Volkswagen fastback with visible rust; advantages? I never had to worry about it being stolen and other drivers always gave me the right-of-way ~ they figured I had nothing to lose ~ a big advantage navigating the roadways in Boston!

Here in France this petite voiture rouge has huge advantage when I'm searching for a parking spot on market day ~ it will fit anywhere. Now that gas prices have climbed and the dollar has tumbled, I am especially glad that this little Citroën gets about 450 km per 25 litres! And when the tourists flood the streets in the summer, pas de problème. I'll have to post some photos of our "neighborhood" and you will understand the greatest advantage: I can navigate the streets of the vieux villages without fear of side-swiping the stone walls or taking out a camera toting tourist...I swear, some passages are only about five feet wide.

I'll tell you more about how I came to purchase this voiture in a later post.


~kate said...

What an adorable little car and it looks as though it serves the purpose intended...getting from Point A to Point B. We just love to supersize here in the U.S., don't we?

Susan Sparkman said...

So true, Kate. When Emily first saw the car, I think she was shocked. She said, "Mom, I'd rather walk!"

Mel010100 said...

Very cute- I have driven a rental car or two in Europe that has been returned with a scrape of two on the mirrors from some of those tiny narrow passages!

Susan Sparkman said...

I had the same rental car experience in the summer of 2006, in Montpellier.....I knew there was no way I wanted the stress of a nice, shiny car this year. Thanks for your visit to this site and your comment.

John said...

Sparky, make sure you check the OIL in this one!!!
When you become famous you can get a Citron SM and drive through France like Jay Leno! He ofcourse has one.

Susan Sparkman said...

Thanks for the reminder, John...I know I can count on you to remember my mistakes and look out for my best interests...Love ya!

Believe it or not, I actually asked my mechanic, Frederique about that very thing in December. I'm good for a few hundred more kilometers.